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what's the perk?

At Perk: The Natural Beauty Lab, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, natural ingredients. We are serious about sustainability, that's why every one of our products contains ingredients that we have pro-longed the life-cycle of. From coffee grounds to essential oils, no, it's not magic, it's the perk


now available...

A natural coffee scrub

We've made this scrub with YOU in mind. With no additives or fillers, your skin (and mother nature) will thank you. 

Whether you're an on-the-go mom rushing to carpools and after school practices or a working girl who is busy climbing her way to the top...we're giving you one less thing to worry about, so you can focus on the things that matter. 

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coffee ground lifecycle

7:23am, you wake up 23 minutes late and you're in a rush. You mobile order your usual, pick it up, and you're on your way to work in no time. Juggling your bag, sunglasses, and lipstick touch up, you toss your empty cup into the recycling bin.  

It has become second nature to drop that to-go cup in the correct trash can but have you ever thought about the waste that comes from the creation of your morning latte?

Let's get into how it works... 


the truth behind the brew


step 1: just brew it

You can see the barista working their magic and you're counting down the seconds until that warm cup of coffee is in your hands. The world seems like a better place and it feels like that pep in your step could take you anywhere. 


step 2: the grind is real

What's left after the brewing process is the coffee grounds. Still containing trace amounts of caffeine (based on type of coffee bean), coffee grounds have one brew in their lifecycle before they are disposed of. 


step 3: let's talk trash

These spent coffee grounds then make their way to the nearest landfill where their typical lifecycle ends. 

Here's where Perk comes in...