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your guide to clean beauty

If you follow us on instagram (@perkbeautylab) then this ain’t your first rodeo.

It’s 2019 and we aren’t taking “I’d rather not know” for an answer! It’s time to get real about what’s really in your go-to skincare products, why it’s important to know, and how to introduce new products into your routine (without much hassle).

I totally get it, diving into the clean beauty community can be a bit intimidating. Much like the vegan community, everyone seems to be an expert and it can make dipping your toes in overwhelming.

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'tis the season!

Who else is excited to kick off the season of peppermint flavored everything, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and the faint sounds of your fireplace crackling as you bundle up to watch Hallmark movies?

What is it about the last two months of the year that create moments of pure happiness and bliss. Moments like listening to the radio on blast while you cook passed down “I-can’t-tell-you-the-ingredients-because-it’s-a-secret” recipes, or connecting the dots between family history over dessert.

It’s the season we look forward to every year and as quickly as it ends we are counting down the days until it comes back around. I mean, it’s totally acceptable to watch Elf all year round… right?

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cooking oil can save your dry skin this winter

Ever looked at the ingredients in your favorite skincare product? Odds are there’s one cooking oil that’s near the top of the list.

For many, the idea of lathering cooking oil on to our skin sounds… well, a bit crazy! However, it may just be the one thing that saves you from dreaded dry skin this winter.

If you haven’t guessed which oil we’re raving about – it’s coconut oil!

That’s right, coconut oil.

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