can you really accomplish a plastic free lifestyle?

Everyone seems to be onboard with reducing plastic waste. But let’s be honest… our society is heavily dependent on the use of plastic. According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.

You may have recently noticed your eco-conscious friends refusing plastic straws during your weekend brunch meetups or your long-time colleague opting to bring a reusable coffee mug to work instead of a disposable cup with a plastic lid. Each of these subtle lifestyle changes are great, but is it really enough to break the cycle?

Have you looked in your bathroom, purse, makeup bag, or even on your vanity lately? Odds are there’s tons of plastic all around you. More than you probably realized.

The skincare and beauty industry mass produces billions of packaged products in predominately plastic every year. And to make it even worse, it’s more than likely single-use plastic.

Hey, I get it. As a society, we’ve depended on plastic and its multiple uses for so long that it can be a little daunting to imagine living a plastic-free lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near living a plastic-free lifestyle and probably won’t be anytime soon. However, I believe it is everyone’s duty to begin taking steps to reduce our individual use of plastic. Moreover, we have to begin holding each other and our favorite companies accountable for unnecessary use of plastic.

When the idea of PERK first came to be, our main vision was to create products with the environment in mind. We drafted hundreds of ideas, conducted several concept tests, met with mentors and industry leaders and did extensive research before settling on the idea of using upcycled byproducts as the leading ingredient in our first product, an all-natural coffee scrub.

That was it. We created our first environmentally friendly product… a body scrub made from upcycled coffee grounds packaged in a cute pink jar and made with all-natural ingredients. Our vision was accomplished, so we thought.

As young entrepreneurs, we’ve come to realize that things are continuously evolving when you’re running a business especially in the startup stages. After proving proof of concept through sales, we collected customer feedback and went back to the drawing board. Customers loved the product but my co-founder, Lucy, and I knew we could do more to fulfill our sustainability vision.

We were upcycling a wasted ingredient (coffee grounds), utilizing natural ingredients, experimenting with creating our own essential oils, and packaging the final product in plastic jars. That’s right, PLASTIC jars!

In order to stay true to our mission and further align our product offerings with our vision, we concluded that reducing our use of plastic was not only a nonnegotiable, but essential.

Adopting a plastic-free beauty routine can be difficult, but not impossible. Here are two simple steps PERK has taken towards reducing our use of plastic:

we use packaging that’s reusable

Going beyond our all-natural coffee scrub, we’ve incorporated mindful packaging.

We no longer use that pink jar! Yes, it was cute… and plastic. Our PERK UP Coffee Scrubs are now packaged in multi-use tin jars. After finishing your scrub, wash the jar and reuse it as a candy jar, toddler eating bowl, or even as a home for a small plant!

bubble wrap isn’t necessary

While we are dedicated to delivering your product in one piece, we’ve removed bubble wrap plastic as a filler in our packages.

Frankly put, it isn’t necessary. We now use recycled newspaper as a filler alongside your PERK Up Body Scrub orders. Once you receive your order, skip heading for the trash and head straight for the recycling bin!


We encourage you to look at your current skincare/beauty products and determine two ways you can minimize your use of plastic. As a company, we understand we still have a long way to go. We’re not perfect, but small changes can lead to big impact.

In what ways will you minimize your use of plastic in the next 30 days?

Lucy CervinoComment